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Digital Matte Painter

India, Mahārāshtra, MumbaiVFX

Job description

FutureWorks in looking to hire an accomplished Matte Painting artists to work with us as part of our dynamic Digital Matte Paint Artist team.

As a matte painter you will be required to do the below job role:- 

  • Concept work is considered a strong asset.
  • Strong knowledge of photography, practical and digital modeling, and design, to create 2D and 3D paintings.
  • Create photorealistic paintings and elements that match concept using 3D and 2D tools and techniques including camera setup, modeling for projection, camera animation, projection setup, image re-projection, and atmospherics and light passes.
  • Provide or acquire photographic reference materials.
  • Combine photographic, paint, and 3d assets to conceptualize, create and design environments using techniques such as camera animation, image projection, layering, and lighting.
  • Perform tasks related to integrating imagery into shots, preserving an unified sense of lighting, perspective, and color.
  • Ability to work closely with the VFX Supervisors to ensure that plates meet planned concept design requirements.

Job requirements

  • 4+ years of working knowledge of Nuke.
  • A graduate of fine art or VFX program and digital matte painting and illustration experience Portfolio / web site of work.
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is essential.
  • Knowledge of matte-painting techniques including color space, digital-paint techniques, photography (including composition), depth, lighting and color.
  • Keen understanding and application of perspective in the creation of the 3D digital environments.
  • Understanding of basic principles of 3D texture projections in Maya is considered an asset. 
  • Solid knowledge of lighting, rendering and the compositing process.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively and receive artistic and technical direction. 
  • Offers a positive and proactive attitude and willingness to learn and contribute.